Fierce Game Hunting

by Evolving Software
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A bead of sweat forms on your brow, but you resist the urge brush it off. Prone on the forest floor, ensconced by scrub and foliage, you draw the pristine, cool air into your lungs and hold it there. With hands as still as the colossal trunks that stretch out endlessly before you, your crosshair now rests steadily on a majestic buck only a short distance away. Your thoughts turn briefly to what has brought you here. You, a proficient hunter, coerced into helping some tofu-loving free spirits with their conservation program. Plant tracking devices on deer to curb illegal hunting in the region, they told you. Do this, and avert paying a hefty price for killing the only white lion seen outside of captivity. Never mind the fact that your ammo pouch is now packed with tranquilliser darts instead of high-calibre rounds. Here and now one thing is certain: the thrill of the hunt has not diminished. You squeeze the trigger. The clap of fire is satisfying. Your target collapses in a heap almost instantly. Slinging your weapon over your shoulder, you get up on your feet and activate the tracking device. “Tag ‘em, just don’t bag ‘em.” You can live with that.
Released Nov 8, 2011
Supported languages: English
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