Shared Shopping List

by AmoebaChant
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Managing your shopping lists is now a breeze! Use this app on your own, or let it instantly sync your shopping lists with friends and family members. Easily create lists for multiple stores; add, check off, and delete items; and move items from one list to another. It’s easy with the simple, user-friendly interface of the Shared Shopping List.

Have you ever been disappointed when your spouse walked in with the groceries, but didn’t get the coffee you so desperately needed? Ever ended up with 4 gallons of milk in the fridge because each roommate went shopping separately? With the Shared Shopping List, any number of Windows Phones can share the same set of lists, and these woes are a thing of the past.

Have a small office and want your team to share a list for supplies, but don’t want them seeing that you need deodorant? No problem! With the Shared Shopping List, you can create multiple accounts so that you can share what lists you want with whom you want.
Released Jan 14, 2011
Supported languages: English
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